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We help people learn how to program.

We use programs that can run on the Lego Mindstorms RCX robot and in simulators. We like to start people by using block programming. A program can be a block that makes a sound connected to a block that turns a motor on for 1.0 seconds.

The Lego Mindsorms RCX kits include a programming language that uses blocks to program the RCX robot. Our language is similar to RCX Code.

Several languages. See the differences and similarity.

Block program editor.

  More details


  This is an example of a simple program that moves a robot in a box pattern. The program is small, giving a feel for programming and providing a real example of features of the software.

The program turns motors A and C on, repeats go forward then turn left 4 times and then turns the motors off. If the turn is set correctly, the program will travel in a box.

Let's look at the program written with blocks and as text
blocks text
box Enhanced editor

The block version is like RCX programs that we write with Lego MindStorm's RCX code. The text version is like the Lego MindScript programs that come from the RCX code program.

The steps it takes to build our box program are:

  1. get a main program block, name it 'box'
  2. get an On block, select motors A and C, add the block to the program
  3. get a Repeat block and set it to repeat 4 times, add the block to the program
  4. get an Off block and have it turn off motors A and C with coast, add the block to the program
  5. add Forward and TurnLeft blocks to the Repeat block, add the block to the program
Each block presents the valid choices for that block and the pages can have information about using the block and pointers to examples to support learning.

The blocks are html pages. Add to them. Customize.

  RCX code
You build the program by adding and modifying blocks in the program. You can view the program as graphic blocks or as text. When you are ready to see what your program does, you can generate any of the programs that are supported. For example, if you use nqc, you can generate the program to a nqc program. Then you use nqc to compile and load the program.

  Lego Mindstorms' Mindscript
  leJos Java
  Robocode Java

You can run in simulator
  Robocode example


Structure of JSCode tools

JSCode install directory
  archive - hold programs
  images - any images
    basic - basic blocks including if, wait and repeat
    bb - big block images
    program - task images
    also images for example

  lib - generateCode - xslt to generate code


  svg - info on svg
    xslt to generate svg - special case to get example

generate svg -> png
  then hand edit if you want (gimp)

  FAQ - info on JSCode

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